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Jan 18 2021

How do i request my credit report

How do i request my credit report

#How #do #i #request #my #credit #report

How do i request my credit report


Who Can Request a Business Credit Report?

Business credit reports are easy to find.

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Thanks to the Internet, just about anyone can run a request for a business credit report. Even though the rules for requesting business credit reports have been relatively less restrictive than those governing personal credit profiles, individuals with no connection to trade financing rarely had the knowledge to access fiscal data for corporations and small businesses. Understanding the contents of a business credit report can help owners shield their companies from undue scrutiny.


Business credit reports don’t follow the same rules as personal credit profiles. For instance, a personal credit report relies exclusively on information tracked and vetted through banking and accounting relationships, often verified by third parties. However, a business credit report can include trade details submitted directly from vendors or clients, as well as information copied and pasted from news reports, company filings or official websites.

Just as multiple credit reporting agencies offer competing versions of consumer credit reports, a handful of business intelligence services provide their proprietary versions of business credit reports. Most business owners may be most familiar with the traditional reports offered by Dun & Bradstreet, often connected with the firm’s “DUNS Number.” However, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and other providers offer business reports that blend credit information with other company facts.

For new entrepreneurs, starting a separate business credit report can shield a growing company from the good or bad elements of a founder’s personal credit report. Finding a line of business credit with a fresh credit report will still require partnership with a sympathetic loan officer, but may not be impacted by financial difficulties in a company owner’s personal credit report. Likewise, a failed business does not have to impact its owner’s personal credit score, as long as the owner has carefully separated personal and business debts.

Many phony credit repair schemes often hinge on the concept of incorporating a new business for the sole purpose of establishing corporate credit. Lenders use their own risk factors when determining whether or not to extend terms or business loans to relatively new companies. Some business credit report providers offer a scoring system, not unlike a consumer FICO score, to help estimate corporate credit risk. Just as a lack of credit history can drag down a personal credit score, a clean slate can hinder loans from banks and vendors that prefer to let other companies assume the risk of doing business with a startup.

Business owners can leverage the ability to request credit reports for their own vendors and customers. For instance, a business credit report check can become part of the due diligence process at a service provider that relies on regular time and expense billing. Learning of a prospective client’s inability to pay a former vendor might influence the new client onboarding process, or could encourage company owners to secure larger retainers.

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How do i request my credit report How do i request my credit report How do i request my credit report How do i request my credit report

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